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What if we're meant to be, like, SUPERHEROES?

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Welcome to misfitse4 , a Livejournal community for E4's hit tv show; MISFITS. Here you'll find information on the cast and show, videos and the chance to chat about the latest episodes or your favourite Nathan moment.

Once you've joined and got yourself set up, feel free to browse the latest entries and take part in some pure mindless vandalism :D

Membership is now moderated due to locked posts being leaked to other websites. Click here for reasons as to why your membership application might have been rejected. Posting is also moderated, so please use the links below to view the RULES and TAGS GUIDE when posting. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact a moderator through LJ PM or by leaving a comment in the RULES post.

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Credit for the original drawing used in this profile layout and in the community layout goes to shotglasscandy . DO NOT USE/UPLOAD ELSEWHERE. STRICTLY FOR THE USE OF misfitse4 .
Every effort has been made to ensure all sources are properly credited. We are in no way affiliated with the cast or crew of Misfits, nor are we in association with E4 television channel. This community is simply a group of Livejournal members with a shared interest. Please do not use any of the posted content within this community without express permission from the original poster. Thank you for your time and we hope you'll enjoy what we have to offer.
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