Tenderoni Dunberberberlee (aiturnizzle) wrote in misfitse4,
Tenderoni Dunberberberlee


It seems the leaked pre-air has got us a few new members over the past few days, so WELCOME to all the newbies!

Now, down to some business. 98% of users who apply for membership will get approved. If you have applied for membership and were denied, then here are some reasons why:

** You do not have a livejournal account. Facebook/Twitter accounts are not permitted.

** Your journal is over a year old and you don't have/have very few stats (0 comments and 0 posts). You're obviously not very active and i frigging HATE seeing striked-out usernames on the memberlist. Save me (and my OCD) a lot of time and effort and not join if you're just going to delete your journal in two weeks.

** Your journal was only recently created and you don't have any stats. Bitches be up in hurr being lazy and stealing links/hotlinking images and videos. Basically this rule is here to keep out the trolls and spammers. If you're new in the fandom and to Livejournal in general, leave a comment here indicating that you're legit BEFORE YOU APPLY.

If you're seeing this because you got rejected, LEAVE A COMMENT AND THEN RE-APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP.

And that's it. We're pretty chill here, so thanks for joining (or lol attempting to join) and have funnnnnn :D
Tags: ! mod post: mod stuff, ! mod post: rules
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