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A Match Made- Simon/Nathan fanfic

Title: A Match Made
Author: jeezy
Fandom: Misfits
Characters: Simon, Nathan
Pairing: Simon/Nathan
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Fulfilling the prompt on the Misfits kink meme: Nathan realizes he gets off on dying. Simon realizes he gets off on killing. It's like a match made in... well, somewhere.
Warning: I don't think there are S2 spoilers, but to be safe, up to 2.04. Strangulation, erotic asphyxiation
Author's Note: I don't own these characters. And I don't even ship Simon/Nathan, so I don't even know how I wrote this! It was interesting. un-beta'd, so all mistakes are mine. I really want more people to write fics for that meme, DO IT!

Nathan would be one to die from auto-erotic asphyxiation.

“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do,” he responds when the group asks him about the purplish-black bruises around his neck. He imitates wanking off and they make disgusted sounds.

“You killed yourself just so you could have a wank? What a prick.” Alisha rolls her eyes.

“The best wank of my fuckin’ life,” he responds, raising his eyebrows suggestively. “And I’d do it again.”

I’m immortal, Nathan thinks to himself. It’s not like anything that happens will actually kill him. Sometime in between the point of dying for the first time and now, he’s discovered that he kind of…likes it? He likes the thrill of putting himself in danger and knowing he can never be stopped. It’s wild and it excites him. Is he a prick? Yeah, probably. But damn it, if any of them could experience what he had, dying, cock in hand, after the most satisfying orgasm ever, well. They’d probably change their minds. Probably.


Simon figures that he’s not doing too well at this rate- rehabilitating, that is. In fact, one could argue he’s done worse things because of this community service. Two probation workers down, and it would be three if it weren’t for Curtis’ power. It’s not that he thinks killing people is okay, far from it. But those people- Tony, Sally- they had to die if the group was to stay together.

Sally he’s especially regretful towards. She’d held his hand and kissed him, and even if it was all a lie, it still happened.

He killed her in the heat of the moment. He could call it self-defense, she did smash his head into a mirror, and if she had gone to the police with what they had done- well, that was just unacceptable. He did what needed to be done. For the good of the group.

So why does it excite him so much?

He goes through his actions over in his head multiple times. It was such a long time ago, yet adrenaline still pumps through his body when he relives the danger, the prospect of getting caught. He only wishes the people he kills don’t actually die.


Simon approaches Nathan in the locker room after everyone else has left. Nathan doesn’t even notice him at first, even though he’s standing particularly close to his right. He wonders if he unintentionally turned himself invisible. He’s still surprised at everyone willingly blocking him out themselves.

“Did it hurt?” Simon asks quietly, conspiratorially.

Nathan shouts out, “What the fuck! Fuck. Stop creeping around like that! Scared me to death!”

Simon smirks to himself. If only Nathan knew that’s kind of what Simon wants from him.

“What are you smiling at, you perv?”


“What were you asking before? What is it?”

“I-I was wondering if it hurt. Dying?”

“Of course it hurts you fuckhead!”

“You said it was worth it,” Simon responds. “Th-that you’d do it again.”

“What are you getting at you pervert? You want to watch me, eh? I bet you turn invisible and watch me wank off every night. Admit it, you melonfucker!”

“I’m not a melonfucker. I’m not. a perv.” Simon clenches his fists and the muscles in his neck strain.

Usually Nathan would respond with “You’re going to try and punch me, really?” or, “Grown some balls, have you?” but he’s intrigued, and wants to know what Simon’s getting at.

He’s just a little bit interested.

Nathan finally responds with, “Okay, let’s all calm down here. Shh.” He puts his index finger up to Simon’s lips, expecting Simon to pull away in revulsion. But Simon just stares at him with those clear gray eyes of his. Penetrating his own.

Nathan takes his finger and brushes them along Simon’s lips, tracing his mouth. He turns so his whole body is now facing Simon, and he’s not quite sure what he’s going to do next. He opens his mouth to say something, but Simon speaks first.

“We should go to my place.”

Nathan doesn’t know what this means, what he’s getting himself into, but he desperately wants to go. He’s not sure if Simon is thinking what he is, but he’s willing to risk a bit of unspoken communication if it means…

When he finally responds to Simon’s offer, he’s not joking around, not being silly. Not at all. It’s rare to see him like this, and Simon thinks that he’s just ruined his own life, that Nathan kind of has proof now, that when Nathan calls him a perv, he can always bring up the time when Simon ever so subtly asked to watch Nathan wank off and die.

But Nathan is serious. Serious as he’s ever been. And excited.

“Let’s go.”

The walk to Simon’s flat is quick and unforgettable. They’re both too concentrated on what’s about to happen that it seems one minute they’re at the community center and the next Simon’s fumbling with his keys and struggling to get inside.

They barely touched when they were walking, but now that they’re in the privacy of Simon’s place, Nathan takes this opportunity to grab Simon’s jean jacket by the collar and pull him in. He’s never kissed a guy before, well, properly at least. Or at least not when he’s sober. But there’s always a time for firsts.

He expects Simon’s lips to be rough and chapped, so he’s surprised that kissing him is soft. Really soft. He thinks that all he wants is to feel those lips all over his body, kissing him, everywhere.

They make their way to Simon’s room, and Nathan realizes that he’s never been here before, and soaks everything in. It’s neat and tidy and there are pictures on the walls, everywhere. He tries to see if any are of him, but he’s kind of distracted because Simon’s pulling Nathan’s shirt over his head. A stack of DVDs stands on the windowsill, and it makes Nathan wonder if there are any dedicated solely to him.

He probably wanks off to me, that bastard. But somehow this makes Nathan smile.

This is enough of a change to make Simon pause, and for the first time they talk about this.

“What did you use the first time? For your neck?”

“A belt. Worked like a charm.” Nathan smiles and winks, but Simon just keeps on staring.

“I’d like to use my hands.”

Simon, that dirty bastard, Nathan thinks. But who is he to judge. He killed himself wanking off, after all. Might as well let someone else do the dirty work.

Nathan doesn’t respond, at least not with words. He unbuttons Simon’s shirt and latches onto his neck, sucking the skin. He never imagined Simon to be so soft, so clean. They quickly shed the rest of their clothing and make their way onto Simon’s bed. Simon’s on top of him now, lightly kissing his chest, moving down towards his cock. They’re both visibly aroused, and Nathan can’t help but wonder how Simon’s gonna get off from this, but he’d rather not know.

“Do it like you did it before,” Simon commands, and this is probably the first time he’s told Nathan what to do.

Nathan silently, or not so silently, what with the moans coming from his mouth, obliges. He brings his hand down to his cock and starts to rub himself.

He’s always imagined someone would see him masturbating one day, but more as an accident, someone walking in on him with his hand down his pants. Him freaking out and yelling “It’s not what it seems!” even though it really, really is. Not like this. Not intentional.

Simon’s watching him, watching his hand move around his cock, and Nathan likes to think he’s teaching Simon some things, that maybe he’ll pick up a few tips. He has gotten pretty expert at this over the years.

Simon moves his concentration from Nathan’s cock to his neck. He moves up his chest to kiss it and finally starts sucking. Eventually his hands come up to follow his lips and they move to grip his neck. His touch is gentle but Nathan can tell he’s holding back. Nathan nods.

Simon gives Nathan a quick kiss on the lips before tightening his grip.

Nathan’s concentrating on getting himself off and the hands around his neck, the strong, warm hands, so different than his leather belt he used last time. He feels the heat radiating off Simon’s body right next to him.

Nathan’s starting to get lightheaded now, feeling pleased, and he’s almost ready to come. His body wants oxygen but he’s forcing himself not to stop now.

Simon’s just staring at Nathan. This is exhilarating and dangerous and he’s never done anything like this. He’s in control of Nathan- his breath, his life, even. He sees Nathan’s face go white, but he has a smirk on his face. Simon can tell he’s about to come.

This time is way better. The pleasure coursing through Nathan’s body is so intense he throws Simon off and gasps for air, but Simon is back in the next moment, with his hands wrapping around his neck again. Nathan is still pulsating, Simon can feel the blood rushing underneath his hands.

It takes another minute for Nathan to actually die. Simon’s moved from Nathan’s side to on top of him, straddling him to get a better angle. For the first twenty seconds, Nathan’s eyes were open, but he passed out. Simon wants to be sure to kill Nathan for sure.

When it’s done, Simon doesn’t know what he should do. He doesn’t know how long it takes for Nathan to revive himself. He guesses he’ll have to wait.

He decides to just concentrate on Nathan, to soak in his body with his eyes. This is good enough for awhile, but then he begins to touch. His touches are more careful now, more calculated. He’s not in a rush, and can appreciate every muscle in Nathan’s body. Even though he’s dead, Nathan’s body is still hot to the touch. Simon doesn’t know how long dead bodies take to cool off.

He moves the covers on his bed so they’re covering both him and Nathan. He starts to wank himself off, all the while staring at Nathan, dead, not breathing. He should feel disgusted, at himself, and at Nathan, but all he can feel is arousal. He gets himself off quicker than usual, then he just lays there, staring at the ceiling.

Simon thinks that spending time with Nathan is kind of nice when Nathan’s not making fun of him, teasing him, calling him a pervert. Nathan should learn to be like this when he’s alive.

Simon eventually moves from his bed to his kitchen, intending to make tea. It’s become pitch dark outside and he’s getting anxious. He knows Nathan is going to come back to life, it just doesn’t feel like it.

He’s starting to feel panic like he did when he killed Sally.

In his kitchen he forgets what he was intending to do, so he just sits at his dining room table, stiff backed and tense, waiting.


Nathan wakes up in Simon’s bed, and it’s a nice feeling. Much better than his makeshift bed at the community center, to say the least. Simon’s not next to him but he’ll be back, Nathan knows. Nathan stretches his arms over his head and waits. He wants to fall asleep in this bed and he wants Simon to join him. He’ll just stay here and maybe they can do this again sometime.
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