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What if we're meant to be, like, SUPERHEROES?
April 15th, 2011 
Carl shaving
HeatWorld (Source)
11th April 2011

If you’re a Misfits fan you might want to sit down before you read this latest piece of news… Nathan, the funniest and fittest Misfit, won’t appear in a new online film or the upcoming third series. Nooooooo. We think E4 needs to set up a special helpline for distraught fans. Or at least send us a signed photo of Robert Sheehan to make us feel better.
Obviously we’re very happy that the ace, darkly comic drama is coming back to our screens but it won’t be the same without Nathan. A special online edition of Misfits is being filmed that will introduce a new character called Rudy to the group of superheroes, and it will also explain the demise of Nathan. Sob! In the film, the gang will travel to Las Vegas, a trip that will end in disaster for Nathan. Double sob

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