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What if we're meant to be, like, SUPERHEROES?
May 19th, 2011 
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DIGITAL SPY (source)
19 May 2011

It's the Philips British Academy Television Awards on Sunday (that's the BAFTAs, you know) and one show picked up more nominations than any other - Misfits. The E4 superhero smash has picked up nods in four categories, and as we're big fans here at Tube Talk, we can't argue with that! We spotted Antonia Thomas (Alisha) at the recent BAFTA Nominees Party, so we collared her by the canapés for a two-minute chat. And then we thought we'd give Iwan Rheon (Simon) a call for some more Misfits chatter. Read on to find out what they have to say, and check back for more Misfits and BAFTA goodness later this week...

Antonia Thomas

Misfits has been nominated for 'Best Drama Series' - congratulations! How do you feel?
"It's amazing. I think we're completely overwhelmed by it. It's so flattering, and I think we're so proud of the show. It's just so nice that the industry and the general public has recognized it as something that's a bit of fun."

The show keeps getting better and better.
"Credit to [executive producer] Howard Overman's amazing writing - he's just a bit of a genius, really!"

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