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What if we're meant to be, like, SUPERHEROES?
October 12th, 2011 
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HEATWORLD (source)
12 October 2011

When heatworld meets the cast of Misfits, well, all but Antonia Thomas (she’s off filming don’t you know), they all seem a bit worn out. Except for new guy Joe, he’s as excitable as a little puppy. He takes off his sweater in preparation and gets stuck inside it.

If it weren’t for his Northern twang and lack of a humongous blonde quiff, this could be one half of Jedward! The guys seem relaxed though. They are chatting away with beers in hand; Joe implements the classic pub trick of banging the bottom of your beer bottle of the top of another’s on an unsuspecting victim causing both their beers to fizz everywhere.

Clearly we are gonna have to keep an eye on this one! heatworld attacks a momentary spell of silence.

Hi Misfits! Welcome to heatworld
Everyone: Hi

Congrats on 3rd series. Did you imagine you would be sitting here on the eve of a 3rd season?
IR: No.
LS: Yeah.
IR/NSJ: Did you?
LS: I have a lot of faith in this show. I honestly had a lot of faith in this show and I think it’s really good without being big-headed or arrogant. So yeah.

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MC / hidden
12 October 2011

Watching Misfits series 3, episode 1 - Let's Headbutt Hitler

Last night I saw the first episode of the new series of Misfits.

It’s a new series, with a slightly new cast. Robert Sheehan, Nathan, is gone, arrested in Las Vegas for cheating a casino, and in his place – and on the stage is… the new guy.

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DEN OF GEEK (source)
12 October 2011

Misfits series 3 episode 1 spoiler-free review

It's no big secret that the cast of E4 superhero comedy Misfits has had a turbulent time in the show's absence. Once the key player in an arguably ensemble group, this summer Robert Sheehan decided to leave the show, leaving it the job of not only writing out its best loved character, but finding a replacement. A bit of a headache for creator Howard Overman and his team.

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SFX (source)
12 October 2011

Misfits series three premiere report

Want to know a secret? Misfits is the best show on TV. It also happens to be the most outrageous show on TV, which is why you’ll never catch your nan watching it over afternoon tea (unless you’ve got a very open-minded nan of course). We’re so excited about it in fact that we’ve gone and put it on the cover of our next issue, SFX 215 out Wednesday 19 October, along with a report direct from the set of the third series, exclusive pictures and a whole heap of information you won’t read anywhere else.

But with a whole week to go till you can get your hands on it (except for subscribers, who should be getting their hands on copies any day now) we thought we’d wet your appetite by sharing some of our experiences from last night’s series three premiere at the BFI Southbank, where the cast (minus Antonia Thomas, aka Alisha, who was on a night shoot covered in fake blood at the time), producers, directors, sound guys and mad-writer-genius Howard Overman were on hand.

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