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What if we're meant to be, like, SUPERHEROES?
October 21st, 2011 
MC / hidden
21 October 2011

"Alright mate?" A hand tipped with long neon plastic nails, balancing a fag between fingers, reaches out of a trailer door to greet me. It belongs to Lauren Socha, better known as Kelly in Misfits, the foul-mouthed young offender with the power to read your mind and deliver one-liners with immaculate timing. Today, filming the E4 show's third series on London's eerie Thamesmead estate, she's not playing Kelly, though. Except she is. But isn't. Having discovered, at the end of the last run, that they can be bought and sold, the gang's powers have changed. Nothing is quite the way it was. "I'm different people," Socha tries to explain, wary of giving anything away. "Kelly's a chav. I'm not playing a chav, I'm playing someone completely different: upbeat, very excited and a bit weird."

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