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What if we're meant to be, like, SUPERHEROES?
October 29th, 2011 
11:12 pm - e4 site updates
Misfits / jaw
+ Crazy : Looks like the new bloke Rudy isn't making many friends - not with this super-powered gyal anyway.
+ Every power known to man : That cool power guy Seth is back. He's well shady, him.
+ Garcon? : Looks like Nathan's gone but not forgotten. Until Rudy turns up and shows of his linguistics, that is.
+ Brunch? : Looks like the gang are in a spot of bother again - some things don't change.

+ Community Service mobile app game : Join the gang on the estate and help them with a load of tasks... some legit, some not so much. Get you head down, do the work and earn reputation and cash. When your pockets are full of dough and you're more popular than the mayor of Popularityville, you can upgrade your superpowers and get tangled up in more Misfits missions. But don't forget to turn up for community service - that litter doesn't pick itself, you know.

Is everyone getting stoked?
Ron by Elspeth
So we went tonight and I posted this during the interval.

'At the old vic, interval. Robbie and Ruth are brilliant and funny and the set is incredible. They are both doing different Irish accents to their usual ones. Wish you were here and looking forward to the second half.'

Not in depth I know but the curtain had gone up. You also don't need my review as there are reviews all over the Internet. But tonight's performance had something that doesn't happen every day.

They broke our Robbie!

The second half didn't disappoint. Oh my word they are all really good and the whole 'dad that won't die' thing was really funny. But the beating at the end. Not only was it performed really brutally and intensely but poor Robbie actually did get beaten up! He could barely walk for the big finale and when he came on for the bows he was still walking like that! One of the fake blows was obviously not as fake as it should have been. He couldn't bow properly, poor thing, but he was sort of squatting and then doing a flourish with his hand to make up for it (what a trooper) And when he hobbled on from one side of the stage and met Niamh Cusack in the middle of the stage she asked him 'are you okay?' and he was a total sweetheart and said 'Yeah, are you?'.

Our baby was all crippled! Also, Ruth Negga was great and as Robbie's character walks out with his thrice undead father she stands at the bar and a tear falls exactly when he leaves and hits the bar. The level of the emotion may have come from watching her friend keep performing after proper hurting himself but it was still quite something to see a falling tear on stage. We all gushed and whimpered for Robbie being injured and he looked SO knackered. Niamh stepped forward at the end of the bowing and said they were collecting for a fund for actors who can't work because of illness or injury in themselves or their children. We all put money in the buckets (in case Robbie needs to make a claim now!) Highly recommended. The reviews were a little unimpressed with Robbie and Ruth for being too respectful of the poetic language but they seemed to deliver it with relish tonight. I think preview performances and the shows they're doing now are much more polished.

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