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What if we're meant to be, like, SUPERHEROES?
August 9th, 2012 
MC / hidden
More details of the new characters and new superpowers in store for series 4 of Misfits have just been released…

May contain spoilers for Misfits series 4.

Under the promising headline “Misfits: Re-suited. Re-booted. Ready for action”, Channel 4 has let slip some more info about the currently filming new series of E4's ASBO superpower show.

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70s / Donna

It's tough doing an oversees phone interview with U.K. actors when the connection is spotty and the Olympics festivities are going on full blare in the background. But Misfits stars Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Iwan Rheon were game if we were, and it was particularly sporting of Rheon as he's no longer even on the series. (He left at the end of Season 3 when his character traveled back in time.) But Rheon is thrilled that American TV audiences are finally getting to see the show [now airing on Logo] since he and the rest of the Misfits cast and crew "put so much work into it, and so much love."

Here's six things we learned via our chat that might interest fans of Misfits, Iwan Rheon, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett... and even fans of HBO's Game of Thrones.

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MC / hidden

Antonia Thomas shot to fame with her role on the British television show Misfits, now getting its first American run on Logo every Thursday night at 10/9 c, and we took some time to chat with the gorgeous 25-year-old about working on the hit show and her new projects. The first part of out interview will run today, free of any Misfits spoilers for all you new fans, and you can check back here tomorrow for part two.

Can you talk about landing the role of Alisha in Misfits? What the audition process was like and finally finding out you received the role.

I auditioned for Misfits while I was in my final year of drama school. I had just signed with my agent and they had started to put me up for auditions. When the Misfits audition came through I was rehearsing my final year play and was having to commute from Bristol to London to audition, and then get back in time for rehearsals (some of which I missed). I had around 7 auditions – it was an extremely thorough process and I was sure that I hadn’t got the job. It was so great when I found out that I had got it, I couldn’t believe it! I was very excited and very scared, as my drama school training had mainly been theatre based, and so the thought of doing a high profile TV job was very daunting. But I learned quickly and it was the best screen training I could have asked for, and the best first job!

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