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With the finale only one Christmas special away, i'm sure we can all agree that Howard has done an incredible job giving us an action packed season. Being the sole writer of an ensemble piece such as Misfits is an incredible feat, so some of us here at the comm decided it was high time we showed our appreciation.

And thus the "Dear Howard," Postcard Project was born.

How to participate:
Simply find a postcard that represents your town/city and send it in to Howard. You can write a short message telling him how much you appreciate his creativity, wish him luck with future series, or even how you love the Simon/Alisha in this season. Anything to let him know that you've watched the season avidly and love all the madcap ideas he comes up with!

Why participate?
Misfits is not yet an internationally known show, well officially that is. By participating and sending in a postcard, you can let Howard know that there are fans all over the world who find Misfits entertaining. It will definitely give him a kick to receive postcards from the US even though the show has not been distributed to American networks!

Three simple rules to follow:
What you write in your message to Howard is completely up to you, but there are some things we hope you'll include to signify that your postcard is part of this project.
  1. Please begin your postcard with "Dear Howard," (the title of the project)
  2. Please indicate somewhere that you are from the "MISFITSE4 Livejournal Community". You can do this by writing it at the end of your message, or integrate it into the message itself. Just a little identifier to show this community is a melting pot of international fans.
  3. Make sure you send your postcards directly to the address below and that you cover the cost of postage to ensure it is recieved

Where to send your postcard:
I wasn't sure where to send the submissions at first, but after a bit of Google-fu and with the assistance of some people at Howard's talent agency i have an address! Please address all postcards in the following format:
Howard Overman
c/o The Agency
24 Pottery Lane
London W11 4LZ
United Kingdom
This is Howard's agency and the staff there have informed me they are more than willing to forward any mail to him directly :)

When to send your postcard:
As soon as possible! It'd be great if Howard could get a steady influx of postcards over the next few months, so whenever you get a chance to buy a postcard and pop it in the mail, seize it!

And that's about it really! Please do participate if you are able! I had thought of running a project for the actors, but i figured we wouldn't have such amazing performances from the cast if the Howard hadn't created such an amazing world for them to play around in! And besides, writers don't get nearly enough recognition for all their hard work, so hopefully we can rectify that through this project :)

Drop a comment here if you're thinking of sending a postcard so i can give the people at his agency a rough idea of how many items will be coming their way.
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