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Killing Bono OST(Rob sings!)

The Killing Bono OST features eight unique new arrangements written by Grammy-nominated song writer Joe Echo, which have been performed and recorded by Ben Barnes and Robert Sheehan, the actors who portray Neil and Ivan McCormick in the film.

at 1:13

Sony Music is pleased to announce the CD and Digital Download release of Killing Bono: The Original Soundtrack Album on Monday March 28th 2011. Killing Bono is the critically acclaimed rock ‘n’ roll comedy, based on the true story of two Irish brothers struggling to forge their path through the 1980’s music scene, whilst the meteoric rise to fame of their old school pals U2 only serves to cast them deeper into the shadows.Killing Bono will be released theatrically by Paramount Pictures in the UK and Ireland on April 1st.

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