Abbie (flautapantera) wrote in misfitse4,

e4 site updates

+ BTS Making of episode 1 : See how they made the first episode of the brand new series. Spoiler alert, natch - watch the ep before you watch this // [YouTube]
+ Episode quiz : They're back! And in orange. And they're far from alone. Kelly, Curtis, Simon and Alisha have been joined by not one, but two Rudys. But how closely were you watching the first episode of the brand enw series? Take the quiz to find out.

+ Series 3 interviews: Matthew : Look, it's Matthew McNulty, he plays Seth, that power dealing bloke in Misfits series 3.
+ Series 3 interviews: Everybody : We had a chat with the whole gang about loads of stuff. That's a lot of Misfit right there.
+ Community Service game trailer : Fancy being a Misfit? Now you can with our brand new smartphone game. It's wicked.

+ Episode 2 trailer : *Who's that girl, running around with you?* // [YouTube]
Tags: !season three, actor: antonia thomas, actor: guest cast, actor: iwan rheon, actor: joe gilgun, actor: lauren socha, actor: nathan stewart-jarrett, video: behind the scenes, video: miscellaneous streaming, website: e4 updates & competitions
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Is the full episode uploaded on youtube yet?

My internet blocks the other streaming sites.
Not that I've seen. :/ Have you tried a DL?
Blocks those too. I think I'll just wait.