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First details on series 4

Misfits Creator, Howard Overman, and Producer, Matt Strevens, have just finished a live Q & A session over at and have spilled quite a few secrets for Series 4 to whet our appetite.

Firstly there are plenty of new characters to meet since two bowed out last series and one has moved on in-between time, starting with Jess (Karla Crome) and Finn (Nathan McMullen) who we meet in episode one. Both are on Community Service with old timers Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) and Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) and have to deal with the scary new probation officer Greg (Shaun Dooley), who has anger management issues.

The other two new characters are Alex (Matt Stokoe), the coolest guy on the estate who shows little interest in women, and Abby (Natasha O Keefe) who the gang meets at a party later on in the series. Neither seems to be donning the orange jumpsuits, but are integral to the story arc within the show, as is Seth (Matthew McNulty) who gets up to some "little light torture" in the first episode. I'm wondering if this will tie in with Kelly no longer being in the show.

As for other old characters, both were very cryptic when it came to Simon and Alisha and our chances on seeing them again in the future. Saying that we wouldn't see them this year, Overman went on to add "There is a plan...which is unusual for me" with Strevens adding "who knows one day they might return to Vegas". Is there perhaps some sort of tie in with the American series under development at the moment??

It sounds like we will have the usual mixed bag of crazy new powers I love this show for, including "a very bad memory and the power to be pussy whipped". Unsurprisingly, I think the one I'm looking forward to the most has to be one that involves Rudy. When asked if there's any romance in store for the dual personalitied misfit, Strevens replied "there is lots. Some meaningless twisted sex and maybe even real lurve. We also learn just how many people he's slept with - via another very odd power".

Finally, asked what else we can expect, Overman teased "You can expect killer rabbits and the four horsemen of the apocalypse and a puppy meets a very tragic demise. In some ways this series is a lot like pet rescue, only with super powers and swearing". Bring on November!


I'm not quite sure if I'm excited, with almost all of the original characters being gone. While I liked Rudi, I'm not quite sure if I am attached to him yet. Oh well, hopefully this won't ruin the first three seasons. Bring on the US remake, I am probably the only one who would not mind seeing more of the original characters, even when played by different actors..
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