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Misfits: Re-suited, Re-booted, Ready for action

More details of the new characters and new superpowers in store for series 4 of Misfits have just been released…

May contain spoilers for Misfits series 4.

Under the promising headline “Misfits: Re-suited. Re-booted. Ready for action”, Channel 4 has let slip some more info about the currently filming new series of E4's ASBO superpower show.

Two of the new characters’ powers have been unveiled, so now we know that Curtis and Rudy’s fellow community servers, Jess (Karla Crome) and Finn (Nathan McMullen), are respectively in possession of X-ray vision and telekinesis, neither of which are too shabby. Certainly beats that guy who could manipulate milk at any rate.

The news continues:

“As Jess and Finn start their community service, it's not just litter they're picking up; it's bad vibes, body parts and power tools. And that's just the morning shift. With a six foot killer rabbit on the estate, a mysterious but easy-on-the-eye barman (HELLO ALEX!) getting Jess a little shaken but not entirely stirred *winks knowingly* and all hell quite literally breaking loose with the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, it's time to power up. The future's bright. The future's still a dirty shade of orange.”

In addition to all that, we can look forward to the return of “probation workers with questionable moral guidelines”, and orange boiler suited misfits with a “…propensity to get involved in life-threatening situations involving power tools, glass bottles, freezers full of Cornettos and the occasional body.”

That'll do nicely thanks. Roll on October.

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