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Misfits at MCM London Comic Con

If it's SOMEHOW escaped your attention, we're back on Sunday at 10pm. And to celebrate, we're delighted to announce that creator Howard Overman and cast will be opening the MCM London Comic Con on Friday 26th October.

Show creator Howard Overman will be joined on the panel by cast members including the inimitable Joseph Gilgun, along with Nathan McMullen and Matt Stokoe who are joining the gang this series.

There'll also be exclusive clips from the coming series and some insider gossip and stuff. And as if that isn't enough, there will also be the opportunity to pick up a copy of the brand new Misfits book and get it signed by the gang! HELLLYEAH (you can buy the book here btw, too).

You can find more about the event here on Twitter at @mcmexpo; on Facebook here facebook.com/mcmexpo and on YouTube here.

Come along!

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SMH @ the cover of this 'book'. where are alisha and kelly? what a pisstake.