luzernejm (luzernejm) wrote in misfitse4,

Possibly a Misfits movie?

So there are rumors Misfits could get a movie.
Apparantly, Howard Overman wrote the first draft of the script and it's with the possibility of returning characters.

I don't really think that it will involve any of the main characters. I'm pretty sure Robert Sheehan won't be back, as well as Lauren. And after seeing this interview, Iwan seems pretty done with Misfits, too, idk. :(

But I would love a movie with ALL of the old gang + Rudy, and ok, maybe Jess, but it seems really impossible that anyone of the old cast will say yes to this. And it's annoying, I really wanna know what the hell happened on the set that everyone is so damn indifferent to this perfect show. Yes, to me it's still perfect. :D

Ok, Lauren really wants in, but lol.

I'm guessing that if it happens, it will be about someone we don't really care about. Maybe Finn. Oh, the horror.

What's your opinion?
Tags: crew: howard overman, discussion: rumors
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