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Possibly a Misfits movie?

So there are rumors Misfits could get a movie.
Apparantly, Howard Overman wrote the first draft of the script and it's with the possibility of returning characters.

I don't really think that it will involve any of the main characters. I'm pretty sure Robert Sheehan won't be back, as well as Lauren. And after seeing this interview, Iwan seems pretty done with Misfits, too, idk. :(

But I would love a movie with ALL of the old gang + Rudy, and ok, maybe Jess, but it seems really impossible that anyone of the old cast will say yes to this. And it's annoying, I really wanna know what the hell happened on the set that everyone is so damn indifferent to this perfect show. Yes, to me it's still perfect. :D

Ok, Lauren really wants in, but lol.

I'm guessing that if it happens, it will be about someone we don't really care about. Maybe Finn. Oh, the horror.

What's your opinion?
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Those silly movie rumors. I don't really care. While I've started to enjoy the new series in these last few episodes, I don't really care about a movie. I would like to see Kelly again though, but she would only return for Rudy and these new characters at this point, so it's probably better for her to stay away.

However, I'd be extremely excited about an American remake on a cable channel, because that way we might get more stories with the original characters, even if they were portrayed by other characters. Since the original actors seem to be all done with the show, I wouldn't mind seeing more of these characters in a different incarnation.
I agree with you about the American remake, I'm actually looking forward to it. Especially because Overman is doing the script, so maybe he can do whatever he planned for UK Misfits, but couldn't do for some reason. (like making Simon the bad guy)
The Simon-bad-guy-storyline would have been so interesting.
oohh i'm relatively new to misfits: what were these plans he had? i must know!
I only know that one for Simon, he was supposed to be series 1 baddie and die at the end, but they changed it.
And it makes sense, him feeling up drunk Kelly and eating cookies next to dead Sally, and than poof, he's a good guy.

Also, who knows what was planned in the original script for series 4, with Kelly. So sad we didn't see that.
Simon was meant to go all ax-murderer in the finale because he was tired of being alienated/teased by the group. I guess it was escalated by his killing Sally, and it was meant to tie into the opening episode when Tony went all ax-murderer - maybe that was even how they would have eventually explained/tied up the deaths of Tony, Gary and Sally?

Anyway they chose not to because of Iwan's performance... and the rest is history.
As if Lauren Socha would be asked to do a misfits movie....
That's what I was wondering.
Exactly what I thought, no wonder she wants to do it. has she had any other work since? :-/