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Misfits Renewed For A Fifth Series

Misfits has had a somewhat troubled fourth series this year, with al the original cast now leaving. But recent episodes seem to have picked up rather nicely.

I went to see the premiere of a new Channel 4 series last night, Utopia, starring Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Curtis from Misfits (the first review ran here) and while there got chatting with all sorts of people from the channel.

During which I learnt that there had been some internal concerns about the show, but that they believed the "second block" of recording, starting with the rabbit episode, was a lot stronger.

And also that Misfits has been renewed for a fifth series.

Of course who exactly will be in it, once Hollywood has strip mined the new cast for Game Of Thrones, The Hobbit or Pip Pip Mister Phillips! (London Style) as they did the last, I have no idea...

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"During which I learnt that there had been some internal concerns about the show"

I'm not at all surprised to hear that. I personally think this has been the weakest season so far and far to 'blokey' as well If you know what I mean.
Yay! Personally while I'm heartbroken that all of the original crew is gone, I am loving the new characters even if someone of the episodes are a bit hit and miss!
I love Jess and Rudy but god do I miss everyone else. :c
I'll keep watching though!
I'm pretty much in it until the end at this point.